Did you know that Alaska is one of the last unspoiled lands? It is one of the largest states, bigger than Texas and 22 smaller states combined. Yet, Alaska is also one of the most uninhabited regions in the world where nature continues as it always has, largely untouched by human development. Each year, the flowers bloom and drape the land in beautiful brilliance. The bears forage while their cubs play. The salmon spawn upriver. And the puffins do… well, whatever it is puffins do. KELOLAND News’ Tom Hanson will be leading KELOLAND viewers on a fabulous tour of Alaska and an Inside Passage Cruise, July 8th through the 20th. We also talked with Ginger Giese, who is the Alaska Destination Manager with Holiday Vacations.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tour of Alaska booked to have something to look forward to this July? Then start making plans to join Tom Hanson on July 8th through the 20th. You can find more information and register to attend the interactive travel show by going to holidayvacations.com. Don’t forget to use the keyword: KELOLAND. You can also call to register for the travel show on February 8th or to request a free brochure with all the details of our trip. That number is: 1-888-557-1020.

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