It’s only natural that with cold winter weather, we all want to hunker down and stay inside. Yet, when cabin fever strikes, it’s important to have a diversion on hand. Taking up a new hobby is a great distraction from those winter blues. Ashley recently stopped by Fonder Sewing Machine Company in Sioux Falls where she got a lesson in a great high-tech hobby from co-owner, Rachael Kockx. And when you see what it can do, you are going to want to get your hands on one for the holidays.

Fonder Sewing Machine Company has been part of the Sioux Falls business scene since 1943. Over the years, they’ve seen sewing trends change. Today’s machines are amazing and their selection offers a machine to fit anyone’s needs…whether you’re an experienced sewing enthusiast or just learning your first stitches. All visitors are welcomed with a warm hello from a knowledgeable staff member who is always happy to help! You’ll find them at 2130 West 41st Street. You can also see all the brands they have to offer and a complete list of available workshops and classes online at