Getting outside and spending time on a walk is always nice. But walking isn’t just for your health, it can also show that you’re an active member of our community.

Chrissy Meyer is the Region Senior Marketing and Communications Director for the American Heart Association, and Madison Olafson is with Security National Bank, he’s also a Heart-Walk Leadership Team-Member.

They’ve got the details on this year’s Heart Walk, and they stopped by our KELOLAND LIVING studio to fill us in on why this year’s event will not only boost your heart health AND mental health, it’s also a great way to help millions of others at the same time.

The American Heart Association of South Dakota is working to make sure all South Dakotans live longer, healthier lives. You can find out more about available resources and CPR training in your area by calling them toll-free at 1-800-AHA-USA1. Or visit them online at Remember Healthy people make up healthy communities and that’s good for all of South Dakota.

Don’t forget to register today for this weekend’s Heart Walk! Simply go online to South Dakota to make a donation or get ready to walk.