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Here’s some general info on what to wear, where to go, what to bring, etc.

Thank you for joining us in our studio! Our in-studio segments are live-to-digital. We record the show beginning at 9:30 am each day and air our show at 2:00pm the same day.

At the time indicated in the email, come to our front lobby at our studios at KELOLAND-TV at 501 South Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104. There is metered parking in front of the studio that accepts quarters, dimes and nickels, (does not accept credit cards) or there is free 3-hour parking along the street by Lyon Park.

A member of our staff will be waiting to escort you to our studio. We do our best to save a little time for mingling when the recording is completed.

Don’t forget to set a home DVR to obtain a copy of the show which airs at 2:00pm – 3:00pm on KELOLAND-TV

Here are a few tips:

  • Please wear solid colors, casual clothing as our set has a lot of designs and colors and we find that solid clothing looks best on our hosts and guests. Please avoid all-white, pastel yellow or all-black tops or jackets. Sweaters or tops are fine for men; no suits necessary (unless you are more comfortable in one). Feel free to wear a logo shirt from your company.
  • If you are bringing food for your segment, please know we have a microwave to warm food up, but we do not have a cooktop. You can bring in electric skillets or small appliances. Please bring in any utensils that you will need.
  • The show is recorded live-to-digital, therefore we cannot stop during segments and ask that any post-segment chat be kept to a minimum.
  • Once you are in the studio, our crew will instruct you what to do and help you with wireless microphones, props and anything else you’ll need to know. Our in-studio producer will review the segment and any graphics with you.
  • Segments are posted on the KELOLAND Living page at and may be re-aired at later dates.
  • We will provide you with an embed code so you can post the final segment on your website and/or social media. In addition, we will take a picture and share it with you before the day’s show so you can tweet, post and share it with your fans!
  • If you are not feeling well or running a fever, please call as soon as you can to let us know when we can reschedule your segment. We would love to have you on another time.
  • Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, and as always, thank you for helping us celebrate KELOLAND Living

If you run into any problems in the morning that will delay your arrival, please call 605-941-5506.

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