You can imagine the challenges of coordinating the public health of 18 tribal communities in a four state region of South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa. Yet, that was the mission and vision of an organization created more than 36 years ago. It is called the Great Plains Tribal Health Leaders Health Board.
And while their efforts to improve the health and wellness of all tribal nations in the Great Plains might go unnoticed by some of the very people who benefit from their hard work, they are as committed to the cause as ever.

A core component of the Great Plains Tribal Leaders Health Board is to provide leadership, technical assistance, support and advocacy for the 18 tribal nations and communities serviced by the Great Plains Area Indian Health Services, in order to achieve their vision of eliminating the disparities in health that currently exist for tribal peoples within the four-state region. The Rapid City Office is located at 2611 Elderberry Boulevard. You can also reach them by phone toll free or go to their website

Great Plains Tribal Leaders Health Board

There has never been a better time to start a meaningful and exciting career with the Great Plains Tribal Leaders Health Board. Their growing and progressive organization welcomes applicants with diverse skills and experiences and supports staff with a variety of benefits. You can search their job listings online and submit your application through their website as well.