The honest truth about living in South Dakota is that the occasional harshness of our weather is greatly offset by the beauty of our surroundings. Step outside any door, wherever you are in the state, and you are instantly welcomed into an outdoor playground that lies ripe for lifetime memories in the making. Our next guests understand the appeal of all that surrounds us here and they are working to make sure that it’s all protected and preserved for not only this generation, but also future generations. We were joined by the South Dakota Parks & Wildlife Foundation Executive Director, Kristina Coby, and board member, Kathy Anderson, to tell us more about how the South Dakota Parks & Wildlife Foundation is working toward that mission and how you can help them achieve those goals.

The South Dakota Parks and Wildlife Foundation has been working for nearly three decades to conserve our state’s natural resources and it has a solid record of accomplishment. Not only does the work of the foundation make the most of South Dakota’s state parks, the programming made possible by the foundation’s efforts also ensures that a new generation will be able to enjoy the beauty of our state for decades to come. Their offices are located in Pierre and they can be reached by phone at 605-773-4503 or online at

And don’t forget there’s still time to invest in the future of South Dakota’s great outdoors by making a gift to any of the areas of programming that benefit from the Foundation’s efforts, including the expansion and programming of the Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls.