Usually when you head to a car wash, the scariest things you see are those bug guts stuck to your grill and enough bird droppings on your windshield to make you want to scream. Yeah, that’s usually the case. As you can see, there is nothing usual about our guests from today’s show. Andrea Vetos is the Vice President of Operations at Silverstar Car Wash and she brought along a couple of her deadliest and scariest friends, Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger.
They dropped in to tell us about this weekend’s haunted car wash, affectionately being referred to as “Nightmare at Silverstar.”

Silverstar Car Wash is the home of the unlimited wash pass, with free vacuums and prep towels with every wash. Compressed air and mat cleaners are also available at select locations. Using the most advanced soft cloth wash technology, and their unique blend of car wash detergents, Silverstar Car Wash delivers a fast, clean car every time.

And don’t forget to grab your family and friends to join you for the “Nightmare at Silverstar” this weekend, the creepy car wash at 57th street and Marion Road in Sioux Falls. But enter at your own risk. It’s free for unlimited wash pass holders and they are accepting freewill donations and canned good to benefit Feeding South Dakota. Now, that’s something to scream about.