Deer hunting season is about to get underway in South Dakota, West River hunters will be hitting the fields starting this Saturday, followed by East River hunters a week later. That means it’s time to dig out the camo and the blaze orange, and make sure you’ve got plenty of ammo on hand. But if you haven’t touched your rifle since last season, here’s your reminder that you probably want to think twice before heading out and trusting your luck with the gun’s sight and it’s safety. Brittany Kaye recently headed out to the Garretson’s Sportmen’s Club with Derek Klawitter, the program coordinator at the Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls, to make sure she’s gun-ready to hunt.

Brittany Kaye behind the scenes target shooting

The purpose of The Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls is to provide hands-on experiences in hunting, fishing, outdoor skills, and conservation science. Free educational classes for youth, adults and families are held throughout the year. The Hunt Safe course is available online and can be completed at any time. To find other educational programs, in addition to general hunting guidance, simply check out their website at