Have you heard the idea that in nearly every relationship, platonic, romantic, and even familial, there’s one “golden retriever person” who’s always so excited to meet new people and do all the fun things, and one who is a “black cat” a-k-a, someone who is a little more aloof, and isn’t always as warm and fuzzy.

Speaking of Golden Retrievers, how much do you know about the dog breeds that comprise the pet population across KELOLAND? If it’s not a ton, don’t worry!

Latisha Woods is with the Assistant show chair for the Sioux Empire Kennel Club, along with them is Bethani Oaks one of this weekend’s exhibitors. They also brought along furry friends Rueger & Edwin.

They were breaking down what we need to know about the Doberman Pinscher and Bedlington Terrier, and how you can get your own cute little face, regardless of if you’re a human golden retriever or even if you’re more of a black cat.