Most of us parents understand the feeling of putting our own wants and needs aside for our children. Sure I might want to work out, but a hungry toddler, crying baby, or teen who needs help with their homework, seems to always get in the way.

It’s easy to see how getting in that workout gets probably pretty low on your to-do list. But it doesn’t have to be. Certified personal trainer, Emily Carlson, was here to show us the way.

She showed us how to fit some fitness in to our days, even with the kids asking what’s for dinner, or having “I’m bored” on a loop. Who knows, the workouts themselves might just be the cure to the kids boredom too.

Here is another quick workout you can do with just your body weight!

Working out with a 2-6 year old
From cradle to college you can get your kids involved in your workouts
Working out with a 7-12 year old
Add a little fitness to your “Mommy & me” time
Getting your teenagers involved
Starts building a healthier lifestyle today