Today we’re talking about Medicaid open enrollment which has been going on since July 1st. Medicare is operated by the federal government and Medicaid is operated by the State. And while it can be easy to confuse the two, it pays to know whether you qualify for either one of these programs.

So with the help of todays guests, we focused on getting you all the information you need to know about Medicaid Open Enrollment. Chrissy Meyer is the region senior marketing communications director with American Heart Association of South Dakota and Carly Uthe is the communications director with South Dakota Urban Indian Health.

They dropped by to explain why more people are now eligible for Medicaid assistance in the state, and how you can find out if you might be among them.

The American Heart Association of South Dakota is working to make sure all South Dakotans live longer, healthier lives. You can find out more about available resources and CPR training in your area by calling them toll-free at 1-800 AHA USA1. Or visit them online at Remember Healthy people make up healthy communities and that’s good for all of South Dakota.

If you’re looking for health insurance coverage – or have questions about your eligibility – connect with a navigator who can offer free support. They’re required to provide fair, impartial, and accurate information about your health insurance options. The American Heart Association is a proud champion for coverage to help people who are under insured or don’t have health care coverage, get enrolled in the South Dakota Medicaid program. You can phone them at 605-360-2542 or head online to to find out more.