We’re just over a week away from Dad’s big day. That’s right, we’re counting down the days to Father’s Day. Do you have your perfect gift picked out for your pops yet? If not, don’t worry, because we had a master gift giver in the studio today.

Sidney Braskamp is the Assistant Manager at WilLiquors in Sioux Falls. She joined us to share everything you need to make this father’s Day special, and she’s got the deets on how you can get your hands on all of it at WilLiquors.

WilLiquors is Sioux Falls’ largest liquor shop. It’s honestly unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, so stop and see it for yourself. They’re located at 3625 West Avera Drive in Sioux Falls. And you can find their specials and selection on their website at williquors.com. They’re open seven days a week and curbside service is available. Whatever you’re looking for, they can help you start your weekend warmup at WilLiquors.