Nothing says fall quite like seeing the leaves change color from bright green to brilliant shades of crimson, scarlet, gold, and purple. It’s just one of the many reasons why fall is so many people’s favorite season. And there is no better time to see Mother Nature paint New England in a kaleidoscope of fall colors than during Holiday Vacations’ New England Fall Foliage tour in September.

KELOLAND Sports’ Director, Sean Bower, is hosting the upcoming Holiday Vacations tour which features travel by plane, train and ferry.

He joined us on today’s show along with Holiday Vacations Destination Manager, Monica Love.

Between the two of them they’ve got all the details on the New England Fall Foliage tour and how you can join Sean on this breathtaking tour.

Sean Bower and Ashley Thompson on the KELOLAND Living set
Sean Bower and Ashley Thompson on the KELOLAND Living set

You can earn a $100 Travel Show Credit good for your trip with Holiday Vacations by attending the New England Fall Foliage Interactive Travel Show on Wednesday, June 15th at 10 AM central time. It’s a great time to ask questions about the trip. Simply call 1-888-557-1020 to register. If that time doesn’t work for you, you can also watch a 10-minute Online Travel Show video to also receive that $100 Online Travel Show Credit for this or any other Holiday Vacations Tour.

Why not enjoy your favorite season of the year with the New England Fall Foliage tour by Holiday Vacations? Start making plans to join Sean Bower September 28th through October 6th. You can find more information and register for the Interactive Travel Show by going to the website: Holiday Vacations dot com. Don’t forget to use the keyword: KELOLAND. You can also call request a free brochure with all the details of the trip. Simply call 888-557-1020.