Open your mouth wide. Do you feel a pulling sensation at your cheeks or other points on your face? It could have to do with the dry air making your skin drier than normal.

Head makeup artist and owner of Platinum Imagination, Angelique Verver joined us to give us a bit of guidance on commonly used facial oils that will leave our skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Angelique Verver and Ashley Thompson on the KELOLAND Living set
Angelique Verver and Ashley Thompson on the KELOLAND Living set
One of Angelique's favorite face oils
One of Angelique’s favorite face oils

Rosehip oil extract-

Cold pressing the fruit of the rose plant.
Infuses skin with nutrients, the rosehip oil fuels essential overnight regeneration, intensely nourishes the skin, improving the appearance of firmness and elasticity while promoting an even skin tone. It improves dryness, blemishes, dull skin, fine lines and some scarring. It is believed that the medicinal use of this oil goes back to Ancient Egypt.
– heal or smooth skin
-rejuvenate the skin to help restore elasticity, help correct dark spots, and help reduce appearance of scars.
-Full of Vitamin C; great for protecting your skin. Antioxidant to protect your skin against damage and disease. Helps repair the skin after sun damage and even help reverse signs of aging after too much sun.
-Carotenoids- keeps skin fresh by creating new skin cells.
Vitamin F which helps trap moisture in your skin and protect against damage.
-Acne relief- the retinoids in the rosehip oil can help brighten skin, prevent blackheads and reduce inflammation. Also has linolic acid, a fatty acid that can aid in acne prevention and shrink pimples.
-Antibacterial properties

Bakuchiol oil-

natural plant derived alternative to retinoid/retinol, which is Vitamin A based chemical that improves turn over of new skin cells and stimulates collagen. Bakuchiol is gentler on the skin.

Rice Bran extract
-helps prevent premature wrinkles
-lightweight linolic rich oil makes it good for acne prone skin
-soften and smooths skin
-evens out skin tone and texture
-helps inhibit melanin pigmentation
-High in Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids
-anti-aging properties

Water oil- 9 skin loving oils
-Sea Buckthorn oil
-Japanese Seed oil
-Soybean oil
-Argan oil
-Rice Bran oil
-Avocado Oil
-Jojoba oil
-Sesame oil
– Job’s Tears
-Vitamin E

Sunflower oil:

Antioxidants, linolic acid, calming, reduces appearance of wrinkles.