If you’ve ever had a pain in your neck, or your back, or your feet–honestly, anywhere on your body–then we don’t need to tell you that living with chronic pain makes day-to-day life difficult. It touches every single part of your life, from getting ready to face the day, to your interactions with your family, and even getting good sleep. Pain is a four-letter word we all would like to erase from our vocabulary.

Unfortunately, that’s almost always easier said than done. Dr Jeff Watson is a chiropractor with Dynamic Spine and Neuropathy in Sioux Falls. He is board certified in the treatment of neuropathy. Mark Haines is a Dynamic Spine patient.

They joined us to explain why chronic pains doesn’t have to mean repeated visits to a doctor’s office, multiple tests, and a lot of frustration.

Dynamic Spine & Neuropathy treats diabetic neuropathy

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