Whether you like to paddle down the Big Sioux River in a kayak or innertube; or you relish a ride along the Big Sioux’s banks on the bike trail, or maybe it’s an evening spent listening to great music at the Greenway–there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the Big Sioux River in Sioux Falls.

And no one knows that better than today’s guests from Downtown Sioux Falls, incorporated. Joe Batcheller is the organization’s president. Jared Indahl is the events manager. And Tenley Schwartz manages the marketing for DTSF.

They joined us to tell us more about what I dare say is the organization’s most popular event: Riverfest.

Riverfest isn’t the only event hosted by Downtown Sioux Falls, Incorporated. DTSF’s signature events also include monthly block parties on the first Friday of each month during the summer, along with Farmer’s Markets and Moonlight Movies, just to name a few. You can find out more by calling 605-338-4009. You can also find them online at DTSF.com.