Your yard is the gateway to your home, and creating a tranquil outdoor space is the goal of many people. One place your yard can shine? The borders along your existing landscaping.

We were joined by Cami Jacobsen with the Minnehaha County Master Gardeners. She showed us how we can fill the borders of our yard with glorious bulbs that are low maintenance and rodent-proof

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Front Yard: Hydrangeas boxwoods lilacs
Front yard
Front yard existing plant layout
Front yard existing plant layout

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In front of the boxwoods

Cami suggests planting a mix of multi-colored crocus, blue scilla and rock garden iris in front of the boxwoods.

Side garden
Side garden

By the large dwarf lilac and sedums

Cami suggests planting a mix of fritillaria in purple and white summer snowflake between the large dwarf lilac and the sedums.

Around the stepping stones

Around the stepping stones Cami suggests planting a mix of the glory of the snow and muscari.

By the gate

By the gate and fence Cami recommends miniature narcissi.

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Miniature Narcissi
Miniature Narcissi

Spring bulbs perfect for bordering existing landscapes:

Here is a complete list of the rodent proof spring bulbs that Cami recommends for bordering existing landscaping (in order from shortest to tallest):

  • 4″-6″ – Rock Garden Iris – multi-colored
  • 4″ – Crocus – multi-colored
  • 4″-5″ – Scilla – all blue
  • 5″-8″ – Galanthus (Snow Drops) – white
  • 5″ – Chionodoxa (The Glory of the Snow) – blue/white center, light blue
  • 6″ – Muscari (Blue Hyacinth)
  • 6″-12″ Miniature Narcissi – yellow
  • 8″ – Fritillaria – checkered purple or white
  • 12″-15″ – The Summer Snowflake – white with green dots

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