I think it’s fair to say that most women have a beauty weakness. For some people, it’s blowouts and extensions. For others, it’s mounds of shoes. For many of us, it’s our fingernails. But is the nail salon taking to much of your time and costing you too much money? If you’d like a little less guilt with that guilty pleasure we’ve got the answer for you. Brittany Kaye and Ashley Thompson shared DIY Manicure tips that they’ve been using for months that actually keep your lasting long and looking fresh.

DIY Manicure tips:

Supplies list


Step one: Find the right size nails in your pack and lay them out in order.

Step two: Trim nails and cuticles if needed.

Step three: Remove oils with nail polish (pure acetone nail polish recommended).

Step four: File down the top of your nail.

Step five: Apply nail glue to the nail and your fingernail on finger at a time. Apply the nail and hold for ten seconds. NOTE: If you’re doing this to yourself it helps to start at the pinky finger on each hand and work your way in.

Step seven: Trim and file nails to desired length if you’re not satisfied with the length they come in.