While Barbie is certainly taking the world, and Halloween, by storm – finding just the right Barbie movie inspired look can be a daunting task.

And while there are tons of costumes available to buy online, what is the fun in that? That’s why today we showed you how to make an easy Barbie dress – and we did it from start to finish, entirely during this segment!

Barbiecore no-sew DIY Halloween dress

Barbiecore No-Sew Dress


  • 2 yards of pink gingham/pink fabric (mine is actually from the nursery section)
  • Safety pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors


Cut a 3-inch strip from one of the short sides of the fabric to use later as your belt.

Fold the fabric in half the long way and then in half the short way to find the exact center of your fabric.

To find the width for your neck whole, measure the distance across from the outside of each of your shoulder blades. Ashley’s = 16 inches. Then subtract two inches from each side (that is what becomes your strap to hold the dress up. For Ashley this meant cutting a 12″ slit, directly in the center of the fabric.

Measure two inches out from the end of your cut on each side. DO NOT CUT IN THOSE SPACES.

Make two more cuts, the long way, to make the arm holes. Ashley made each of her cuts 12″ long. And with the fabric still folded in half, that made each slit a total of 24″ long.

Once all of your cuts are made and your fabric is unfolded, the slits should look like an H where the center line DOESN’T connect. (See drawing below.)

Barbie dress pattern

Use a safety pin to secure the sides of your dress where you want it to fit. Fold the edges in on your extra strip of fabric and use it as a belt.

Finish off edges by either sewing a hem or simply use fabric tape or glue.

DIY Barbie halloween