If there is one thing we can never really have enough of here on KELOLAND Living, it’s yarn-based crafts. We’ve done it all from crocheting, to weaving it together to making macramé.

Now, we’ve taken on a new challenge with yarn: The art of latch hooking. While it might seem like a hard project to start, we’ve got some tips that will be sure to get you hooked on this handicraft.

Supplies needed to create a latch hook rug or wall hanging
Latch hook supplies

Latch hook rug supplies:

  • Latch hook canvas
  • Latch hook tool
  • Yarn (a standard size is 2.5 inches long but you can really do whatever you want!)
  • Pattern (optional or create your own)

Creating a pattern

Free latch hook pattern created by Ashley Thompson.
Ashley Thompson’s latch hook pattern

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To create a pattern Ashley used graph paper and markers to sketch out a design. A latch hook canvas is already broken down into grids so you can simply mark off the edge of your finished piece and go from there. Feel free to use this design, but if you do – send us pictures!!

Ashley teaches Brittany how to make a latch hook rug.
Ashley Thompson teaches Brittney Kaye how to make a latch hook rug

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