It’s no secret that the Elf on the Shelf has a sense of humor, but what about a sense of style? Elizabeth Overmoe, a self-proclaimed late night crafter, shows us how to make a DIY elf robe that can inspire a variety of different outfits. Kids, don’t worry, we’ve received special permission from Santa, so our elf won’t lose her magic.

Keep reading for different ideas and photos for ways to use this robe pattern to create different characters along with a downloadable pattern for this robe and a coordinating hood!

White felt robe character ideas:

Angel the Elf on the Shelf

Turn the white or cream robe into AngElf by adding a gold pipe cleaner belt, wings made from two pipe cleaners and a pipe cleaner halo. An easy way to attach the wings is with a small binder clip!

PrinElf Leia
PrincElf Leia

Achieve this PrincElf Leia look by adding her signature buns. Here we used the plastic ring from under the cap of a milk jug and three gold pipe cleaners. The belt is also a gold pipe cleaner.

Another option for a white robe? How about GaladriElf from Lord of the Rings?

Tan felt robe character ideas:


YodElf (or maybe Baby YodElf??) is created by adding a green hat with his signature “yoda ears”. Use the hood pattern provided to create a green hood and sew little ears to the side but leave the hood unattached to the robe. Add a twine or jute belt to complete the look.

Black felt robe character ideas:

Elfy Potter
Elfy Potter

To create this Elfy Potter look we crocheted a gold and maroon scarf but if you aren’t a crocheter or knitter you could easily use felt and hot glue to make this scarf. The glasses are made with just a piece of wire.

Elf Bader Ginsburg

Elf Bader Ginsburg uses the same glasses as Elfy Potter. Her dissent collar is made by sewing gold and silver sequins on to a piece of felt but you could adorn this elf with any of her collars.

We have a few more suggestions for elves wearing these black robes. We like MalificElf (with horns!) or GargamElf from the Smurfs.


There are options abound with this hooded green robe. Add a twine or jute belt and you have FrodElf, QuasimodElf or Shrelf!

RobElf Hood
RobElf Hood

Take the hood down from the above elves and add a little felt hat with a feather to get RobElf Hood. Now he just needs a Maid MariElf.

Add a curly red wig (we think the curlable red and orange ribbon you would use for a present would work well) and you have MeridElf from Brave. And maybe you could also turn that one into WinifrElf from Hocus Pocus?

Stay tuned to see the red robe that we started on this segment as it is transformed into Little Red Riding Elf. We will post an update once it is finished.