A hand-bound book can help set your next gift apart from the others. While it’s a fun way to make a special gift even more sentimental, it’s also, obviously, a labor of love. But, if you think binding a book sounds intimidating, just wait, because today we’re showing you a way so easy, you can even get your kids involved.

DIY maven, artist & owner of 605 Magic Art Bus, Mercedes Maltese, joined us in the studio to walk us through the process of building and binding our own beautiful books that are so easy to do – you can have your kids help too!

How to bind a book with the stab and stitch method
DIY book binding: Stab and stitch method

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Easy ways for kids to bind books
Easy kid-friendly DIY book binding

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How to bind a book with a rubber band and a stick: easy for kids
Book binding with a rubber band and a stick
Book binding with paper folds
Book binding: Paper folds
Mercedes Maltese from 605 Magic Art Bus demonstrates easy ways to bind your own books
Mercedes Maltese from 605 Magic Art Bus shows us FOUR easy ways to bind books

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