Heading back-to-school comes with its own stressors. Nowhere is that more apparent than when your kids head to middle school. From Navigating different classrooms and changing teachers every period, to wanting to fit in while still standing out. It’s something that I haven’t dealt with since I was in middle school. But all that’s changing this year, as my daughter, Ava, is heading to Patrick Henry Middle School. – To make sure she’s comfortable on that first day we went all out and gave her a dreamy locker makeover.

Locker Chandelier:

  1. Glue a magnet to the top of a puck light. I used Gorilla glue to make sure it would last!
  2. Use a pipe cleaner or wire to wrap around the magnet and then extend outward and attach to the larger wooden embroidery hoop on two opposite sides.
  3. Use two pieces of pipe cleaner or wire to attach the second, smaller hoop below the first.
  4. Glue the tassel trim around each of the wooden hoops.

Locker Wallpaper:

  1. Cut scrapbook paper to size and then either glue magnets to the back of the paper, or simply lay it in the locker and place magnets over the paper in the corners.

Locker Bulletin Board:

  1. Glue two or three pieces of cork board together to make it thick enough to stick a push pin in. Cheap cork board coasters from the craft store work great!
  2. Glue a magnet in each corner of the board.
  3. Glue gold clothes pins to the front of the cork board to easily hang photos if desired.

Mini Locker Supply Holders:

  1. Glue glittery papers, fabrics or ribbons to the sides of toilet paper rolls, ribbon rolls ect.
  2. Glue down to a cork board or card stock to create a bottom.

By using some materials we had and shopping the clearance section of the craft store – we spent less than $10!