Since the beginning of March 2020, Ashley has been taking us all on a “crocherny” through the world of crochet. She’s taught us the “crochetsics”, a few common “crochissues”, and even learned to spin her own yarn. Now, she’s taking us onto the next step by putting a right foot forward.

Today, we’re going to combine all of the steps, and dip our toes, or should I say sink our claws into the world of crochet projects. Starting off with “crochanimal” feet furniture covers that are the purrfect addition to your home to keep your chairs from using your floor as a scratching post.

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crochanimal paw

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Row 1: Magic Circle, 10 single crochets around magic circle, join, ch1 (total 10)

Row 2: Sc, puff stitch, sc, puff stitch, sc, puff stitch, 4sc, join, ch1 (total 10)

Row 3: 10sc, join, change colors and ch1 (total 10)

Row: 4: 4sc, 2sc in same st, 4 sc, 2sc in same stitch, join, ch1 (total 12)

Rows 5-6: 12 sc, join, ch1 (total 12)

Rows 7: 5sc, 2sc in same stitch, 5 sc, 2 sc in same stitch, join, ch1 (total 14)

Rows 8-11: 14 sc, join, ch1 until row 11 and fasten off (total 14)

Sew black yarn in between toes of paw

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