Do you have all of your “tree-mendous” holiday decorations up yet? Or maybe you’re “pine-ing” after something new or just looking to “spruce” up the holiday decor you already have. Well, “Yule” want to pay attention because we have the perfect mini-“trimmed” Christmas Trees that are so cute they’ll even have the holiday-haters with “resting grinch face” “branching out” to try something new.

We don’t know if we could fit another Christmas tree pun in there if we tried. We’re sort of like a rebel without a “Clause.” But, back to business. We took a greener approach this holiday season by using extra-trim found around the craft room to create the most “un-fir-Getable” tiny trees. Perfect to accent your holiday decor, and if you have an Elf from up north coming to spy on the little ones this holiday season, it’ll have them feeling right at home.