Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation’s Mobile Recreation Unit provides a variety of free activities for the young and young at heart. Today’s guest helped us bounce into a good time by sharing details on an upcoming activity you can experience at the Mobile Recreation Unit. Eric Saathoff is the Recreation Program Coordinator with Sioux Falls Parks and Rec. He taught us how to make a DIY glitter bouncy ball and tell us what’s happening at the upcoming Badges, Books and things that bounce event tomorrow night.

Glitter Bouncy Ball
Ingredients –

½ cup warm water
1 tbsp borax powder
Glitter Glue

Items you will need

  • Stir stick
  • Disposable container to hold ingredients
  • Optional: Latex gloves


Start by pouring 1/2 cup of warm water into your mixing container. Then add 1 tbsp of Borax. Stir until the Borax completely dissolves in the water.

Next, squeeze the desired amount of glitter glue into the Borax solution. The more glue you add, the larger your ball will be.

Borax solution change glue to a sticky polymer.  Once starts happening, you will need to start shaping the ball with your hands.

Keep working the ball until you can feel it starting to harden.  Then set it aside to dry for a few hours.

Badges, Books & Things That Bounce event details