Every day our bodies do what we need them to do and we hardly give those movements a second thought. Now imagine how your quality of life would change if you couldn’t read a book, or hear a phone call, or even walk across a room? Those life limitations can add up to big sacrifice for people who are differently-abled. Yet, as we all strive to do more and live longer, assistive technologies are being developed to help remove some of the challenges some people face in their day-to-day living. That’s where DakotaLink can help by providing technology solutions for life’s limitations.

DakotaLink staff can provide you with information and referrals to a wide variety of assistive technology vendors and manufacturers who do business in South Dakota as well as nationally. You can reach them toll-free by phone at 1-800 645-0673. You can also view the assistive technology products they have available online at dakotalink.net. Not sure what need? Dakota Link’s staff will be happy let you try it out with their device loan program.