What do pigs, corn, grain, fruit, cotton, soybeans, chickens, beef cattle, dairy products, and trees all have in common? They come from farms and ranches. Without dedicated, hard-working farmers and ranchers, we wouldn’t have any of these things.

Events like the upcoming Dakotafest strive to create connections between ag producers and agribusinesses to help producers grow their operations. Niki Jones is the Marketing Director for this year’s Dakotafest in Mitchell.

She’s joined us via Zoom today to tell us more about this year’s event.

Dakotafest in Mitchell, South Dakota gets underway next Tuesday at the Dakotafest site in Mitchell South Dakota. You can go online now to purchase tickets for just $7 per person. You can also purchase admission tickets for $10 at the gate. Kids under 17 get in free. This event includes live product demonstrations, as well as smart and insightful educational sessions. There will also be fun family activities to not only help area farmers and ranchers grow but also to celebrate farming and the rural lifestyle.