What’s your favorite way to break a sweat? Some of us like a nice long run, while others prefer the intensity of a dance class.

Thankfully, today’s guest can give us all the kind of workouts we’re looking for. That’s because Taylor Warrick is a manager with Crunch Fitness, which is soon to be the newest workout facility in Sioux Falls.

He also had all the details on many more ways you can get your fitness fix at Crunch Fitness. They also promise you’ll never get bored with their No-Judgement-Zone workouts.

Embrace the Crunch Experience and you can workout any way you want, because Crunch is fit for all! You’ll find Crunch Fitness in Sioux Falls at 4001 South Louise Avenue.

If you have a question about memberships, just give them a call at 605-221-8099 or go online to CrunchSiouxFalls.com.