Throughout the pandemic blood banks around the country have had a shortage of donations. As the holidays arrive, that could mean the shortages will be even greater, that could explain why –if you’re already a blood donor–you may have received an email or text message from the community blood bank in Sioux Falls asking you to roll up your sleeve and donate again.

Ken Versteeg is the Executive Director with the Community Blood Bank and he is watching the blood supply closely.

He explains how the pandemic has affected the local blood supply and why the concern about having enough blood on hand will become an even greater concern as flu season also strikes.

Looking back at the start of the blood supply shortages at the beginning of the pandemic: If you can donate blood, you should: Struggling to keep adequate blood supply levels

When asked how severe our current blood shortage is, Versteeg says we have as little as 36-48 hours of blood supply left for blood types O positive and O negative.

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KELOLAND Living Ashley Thompson’s excitement hitting her first gallon as a blood donor