It’s not uncommon for doctors and chiropractors to see patient complaints of pain or strange sensations in their feet. They may complain that their feet hurt or that their feet hurt when their sheets are on them.

Another common complaint would be that it feels like something biting the bottoms of their feet, or that needles are pricking them.

And our guest today knows that all those complaints could be pointing to one very common condition known as peripheral neuropathy. Jeff Watson is a chiropractor with Dynamic Spine and Neuropathy in Sioux Falls.

He’s board certified in neuropathy, and he says it’s a condition you don’t have to suffer with.

At Dynamic Spine & Neuropathy, they’ve made it their mission to transform health care by ending suffering and restoring true health, to one patient at a time. If you’d like consultation for peripheral neuropathy or any other type of pain, just call the clinic at 605-961-HEAL. That’s 4325.

You can also find out more about Dynamic Spine and Neuropathy’s treatment options online at

If you, or someone you know, suffers from neuropathy, call the number on your screen. You can also just scan the QR code to go to their website and request a screening appointment.

So, call or head online to schedule your Dynamic Spine $49 NEW PATIENT EXAMINATION. Why put up with the pain any longer than you have to?