Today is National Mother-in-Law day. How does that make you feel? Do you have cold sweats thinking about the judgment, have indignation over past fights or feuds? Or has it brought a smile to your face because it makes you think of the woman who has welcomed you into her family.

For Ashley, it’s the latter and why she was particularly proud to welcome her own mother-in-law, Mary Thompson, into the studio today.

Monster-in-law or Mother-in-law, most of us have a lot to say on the topic. Don’t worry, even though Ashley loves Mary dearly, she still tried to ask a few tough questions today.

Ashley with her husband and Mother-in-Law at Hobo Days 2021
Mary with Ashley’s daughter Ava before showing her how Grandma can sky dive!
The kinds of photos Mary sends Ashley while watching the kids…
Cheers to the best Mother-in-Law in the whole wide world!