We’ve got a little dare for you today on KELOLAND Living: During the next commercial break: We want you to go out to your car, in the driveway or in the garage, and just walk alongside it while you run a finger down the side. Chances are, you’re going to have a pretty dirty fingerprint when you’re done.

Andrea Vetos is the vice president of operations at Silverstar Car Wash and she’s seen more than her share of dirty cars lining up for a wash at the nearly two dozen Silverstar locations in Sioux Falls, Sioux City and Fargo.

She joined us today to tell us about the best day of the year at Silverstar–and no, it’s not her birthday, it’s their annual Silverstar Day celebration and the gifts are all your’s!

Silverstar Car Wash is the home of the unlimited wash pass, with free vacuums and prep towels with every wash. Compressed air and mat cleaners are also available at select locations. Using the most advanced soft cloth wash technology, and their unique blend of car wash detergents, Silverstar Car Wash delivers a fast, clean car every time.

Silverstar’s convenient locations mean wherever you are in the upper Midwest, you are close to a Silverstar Car Wash. With 11 locations in Sioux Falls, 6 in Sioux City and two locations operating in Fargo with four more under construction, you’re never far from Silverstar. And all passes and wash packages bought at any Silverstar Car Wash can be used at any Silverstar location. Don’t forget to get your car wash and get some great deals during tomorrow’s Silverstar Day celebration.