This is the time of year when our thoughts naturally turn to…shopping! With Santa’s big day just 53 days away! I’m sorry did I just get your blood pressure up with that announcement? Well, it’s true. Yet wouldn’t it be nice to know that while you doing something nice for someone else that you are also doing something for the greater good in our community?

That’s exactly what the GreaterGoods program of Volunteers of America, Dakotas is all about. We first heard about the program on Reliabank Business Beat about a year ago. So, we thought it was time to check in to find out how the Greater Goods program is working out.

The goal of GreaterGoods is to strengthen nonprofits throughout the region by lowering supply costs and improving the lives of individuals and families through resources to meet basic needs and enhance the quality of life.

Volunteers of America, Dakotas has been serving those who need us the most. You can help them change lives and impact our community by working, volunteering or donating to VOA, Dakotas.

If you work with a non-profit that could benefit from the GreaterGoods program, you can call to find out more. Contact them by phone at 605-334-1414 or go online at

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