Sioux Falls’ Veterans Community Project brings together a team of connectors, feelers, and doers who are on a mission to make sure no one who has served our country through military service is left behind.

Organizers of the program believe that regardless of a veteran’s discharge status, or type of service, that they all should be ready and willing to respond with compassion to any brother or sister in need.

KELOLAND Living’s Mitchell Olson found out more about how they’re doing that when he recently sat down with Eric Gage for this week’s Reliabank Business Beat.

Located on a 2-acre property in Northwest Sioux Falls, VCP Village is a specialized community of 25 tiny homes with on-site, wraparound support services designed to equip homeless Veterans with the tools needed to return to a stable, prosperous, independent life.

You can find out more about the project and make a donation, if you so choose, through their website veterans

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