When you’re planning an event, the process can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. And that can be true whether you’re planning an event for 500 people, or 50. Honestly, sometimes it can be easier to find a place to hold a large event than it can be to find a smaller event space for a few dozen people.

It was that search that spawned not one, but two, businesses for today’s Reliabank Business Beat guests, Amy Boes and Angela Merritt who are the co-owners of The Convolo & The Cassetta Event Spaces in Sioux Falls.

We recently sat down with them to hear more about why their two modern and tasteful event spaces might be just what you’re looking for when you are looking to host a smaller event.

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The Convolo’s event space is located at 201 North Weber Avenue in Sioux Falls, you can find out more on their website at TheConvolo.com.

If you’re interested in The Casetta event space, that’s located at 201 West 37th Street in Sioux Falls. Online you will find information at TheCasetta.com.

You can also find more information about both locations through their Instagram accounts. Those accounts are @TheConvolo and @Casetta_House.

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