You don’t have to live in South Dakota long to understand the power of Mother Nature. Whether it’s a bitterly cold winter, a summer drought, or a spring flood, there are lots of opportunities to be reminded. And if you are a farmer or rancher in the state, it can help to have a fallback plan. For many, that backup comes in the form of crop insurance. Today’s Reliabank Business Beat guest knows all about that back up because he not only depends on it himself as a farmer, but Kevin Bitterman of the Somsen Agency also sells crop insurance.

Farmers have always been at the mercy of Mother Nature, who is both unpredictable and unforgiving. In generations past, there was no way to protect against drought, disease, or infestation. Thankfully, modern farmers have something their ancestors didn’t — and it isn’t innovative machinery. Purchasing crop insurance is perhaps the single most important investment you can make. If you’d like to find out more about your options, contact Kevin Bitterman at the Somsen Agency by calling 605-665-4147. You can also email

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