When you’ve made the big decision to build a new home, you want it done without the headaches we’ve all heard about with some contractors. You know–delays in when the house will be ready; problems waiting for supplies, even construction that doesn’t quite meet your standards. You want a home you can be proud of. That’s exactly what you’ll get with today’s Reliabank Bank Business Beat guest. Brittany Kaye recently sat down with Matt Roach and Dan Devine, the founders of Pride Built Homes in Harrisburg, to find out how they’ve built a business by building luxury homes built with pride, integrity and a commitment to quality.

Behind the scenes at Reliabank with Matt Roach, Dan Devine & Brittany Kaye

Whether you’re looking to build your dream home, or need your home’s unfinished basement decked out so your family can enjoy the added living space, you can reach Matt Roach by email or give him a call at 605-521-9207. You can reach Dan Devine by calling or send him an email at ddevine@pridebuilthomesllc.com . You can also see a complete gallery of Pride Built Homes’ custom builds on their website at pridebuilthomesllc.com.

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