Having a videographer capture your wedding celebration makes for great keepsakes from your big day. But, with videos being so popular, it can add another level of stress to the event planning process.

But, it’s not just stressful for the couple. It’s also not easy when you’re working as a freelancer, as we recently found out in this week’s Reliabank Business Beat. We sat down with freelance videographer Nick Roach who says freelancing may not always be the easiest, but the rewards far outweigh the stress.

With experience in both photography and videography, Nick Roach is the perfect pick for when you want to capture all of your special moments. To get in touch, simply send an email to nickroachh@gmail.com.

You can also reach Nick by phone at 605-595-3119 or on instagram. To find him on instagram simply search @nickroachhh, that’s roach with three h’s, to see all his latest work.

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