Think back to when you were in college. How easy was it to sign up for a credit card? You may not have known what APR meant, but you enjoyed the free slice of pizza you got for signing up for the card. Financial literacy in teens, and especially girls, continues to be an issue for many, but it’s also something we can get ahead of. In this week’s Reliabank Business Beat Ashley Thompson sat down with Sarah Kurtenbach, the founder of a new financial literacy program for girls, moveHER Money.

moveHER Money is an online course created to teach girls ages 14-24 about finances, including saving, investing, budgeting, and handling credit so the next generation has the tools to be financially literate and ready to confidently reach financial independence. The moveHER Money online courses will go live in April. You can also sign up for the moveHER Money movement today by joining the waitlist!

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