Truth be told, we find it hard to wait–for anything. And we’ll bet you find yourself being impatient at different times in your life, too. It can be hard to wait for something you desperately want, especially when our timeline isn’t following what we want and when. Patience is something today’s Reliabank Business Beat guest had to learn to accept. And while she might not have felt that way in the moment, Brittany Kaye talks with Melissa Vande Kieft about the blessings she’s found “Living in the Wait.”

Melissa created Living in the Wait as an online resource to encourage and guide those who find themselves in a season of waiting. When life isn’t going according to plan; when reality doesn’t meet expectations or when your heart’s desire isn’t being fulfilled according to your timeline. You can find more resources or book her to speak at your next event on her website at You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook, just look for Living in the Wait.

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