We can credit social media with a lot of good things: It gives you the opportunity to share a slice of your life with lots of people online; you can learn something just by following an expert in a given field; and it enables you to build relationships with strangers who often become friends. That last part is something you’re going to want to remember when you’re watching today’s Reliabank Business Beat. Because when I sat down with the owners of Sioux Falls-newest Mexican restaurant, Krystal Hernandez and Reyes Aranda, I was surprised by the role social media played in their new business venture.

La Plaza Fiesta is opening soon in Sioux Falls. La Plaza Fiesta is family owned and operated and the owners pride themselves on providing a welcoming authentic atmosphere, together with hand-crafted Mexican meals. La Plaza Fiestas extensive menu is available online at laplazafiesta.com. You can also follow them on Facebook to get updates on their grand opening at their location at 525 West 85th Street in Sioux Falls.

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