Creating a community doesn’t always mean pounding the pavement to get your message out there. Sometimes, it can be as simple as focusing on creating a unique food experience, and giving back in any way you can.

That’s the exact kind of community Flyboy Donuts owner, Ben Duenwald, is looking to create. As Ashley Thompson recently found out when we sat down for this week’s Reliabank Business Beat.

Are you looking to get your day started in flying colors? You can stop into any one of Flyboys’ 4 Sioux Falls locations starting every monday through saturday at 6 AM and at 7 AM on sundays. You can also find out more about Flyboy donuts on their website: Or stop in at any of their locations and you’ll be sure to find a donut that is as unique as you are.

With 10 locations across South Dakota, Reliabank prides itself on being a partner in every community they serve. In Sioux Falls, you’ll find them at 608 West 86th Street.

You can also find the Reliabank nearest you by checking out their website at