Savvy investors understand the importance of having a diversified portfolio. That’s because diversification can protect you against losses. If one investment class performs poorly, you can still reap gains from others. It’s a balancing act that works and a truly diverse portfolio will go beyond just investing in stocks and bonds and include assets like commercial real estate. In today’s Reliabank Business Beat, we sat down with two businessmen who can get you in the commercial real estate business, one who can find you the right property at the right price and the other a banker who can get you the right financing at the right price.

Bender Commercial Real Estate Services, a Sioux Falls, South Dakota based regional real estate company, provides top quality services in the areas of commercial leasing and sales of office, retail, industrial, land and investment properties, as well as full-service property management in conjunction with Bender Midwest Properties. You can reach out to them online at and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

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