By now, most of us have already grown weary of sanitizing our home against COVID-19 and other viruses. We’ve washed, wiped and worried about whether we have done enough to keep ourselves and our families safe from falling ill. What if we told you that there is a much simpler way to sanitize your home, or your office for that matter, that doesn’t involve harsh chemicals, mops and rags, or a lot of time on your part. As part of our Reliabank Business Beat, we sat down with Jon Sanders. He is the owner of a new business in Sioux Falls called Clean Air Sioux Falls and when you hear what they can do to keep your family, friends or employees stay safe, you’re going to be breathing a little easier.

Clean Air Sioux Falls provides their customers with peace of mind by sanitizing and disinfecting their businesses and homes. Why not contact them online to receive a free estimate? The website is You can also reach them by phone at 605-956-7568.

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Jon Sanders and Brittany Kaye behind the scenes at Reliabank

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