It goes without saying that we all want to live as long as we can and be as healthy as we can. Only, for many people, the idea of going to a gym and exposing your spandex-sealed body in public, is a bit intimidating. Not to mention trying to figure out which exercises or equipment will produce the kind of results you want at your next tennis game or pick-up basketball game. That’s where today’s Reliabank Business Beat guest comes in. Seth Boomsma is the owner of Boom Athletics in Tea, where they pride themselves on providing individualized programming for athletic performance, injury prevention and character development.

Boom Athletics is a totally unique training system that attacks an athlete at their individual specific goals, allowing for rapid improvements in their ability to become a stronger, faster and more explosive athlete. Whether you’re looking to shave some time off your runs or want to pump up your performance at the gym, you can break a sweat at Boom Athletics at 1305 North Carla Avenue in Tea, South Dakota. You can also set up a consultation session by clicking on the “contact us” button on their website at Be sure and check out the Boom Athletics podcast on Spotify.

Behind the scenes with Seth Boomsma and Brittany Kaye

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