Did you ever go to someone’s house for a cookout and get introduced to the Grill Master’s secret sauce? Wouldn’t you love to live next to someone like that? And what if they wanted to use you as the taste-tester for their creations? It all sounds like a dream come true. Only in the case of Daniel Bamsey in Tea, South Dakota, that dream became a reality about a year ago. He’s today’s Reliabank Business Beat guest and we can promise the next seven minutes are going to get you craving a cookout tonight.

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Behind the scenes with Daniel Bamsey and Ashley Thompson at Reliabank
Behind the scenes with Daniel Bamsey and Ashley Thompson at Reliabank

Bam Bam’s BBQ Sauces are available in many area retailers, including area Ace Hardware Stores, Scheels, The Renner Corner Locker, Sioux Falls Fareway and many other locations. You can also order online at bambambbqsauces.com.

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