The new year has begun and that means it’s time to get fit, and not just the kind that gets us into the gym. Getting financially fit for 2023 is just as important. Ashley Thompson sat down recently with Reliabank’s Marketing Director, Zach Bauer, to find out more about Reliabank’s 31-day Financial Fitness Challenge. And the best part? You don’t need to bank at Reliabank to take advantage of the program.

31 Day Financial Fitness
Zach Bauer and Ashley Thompson at Reliabank

Staying fit is all about balance. The same applies to your financial wellness. Reliabank wants to help you get on the road to a stronger financial future. Simply download their free financial fitness Kit and get entered to win $250 in meals from Hello Fresh. Simply scan the QR code on the screen and you are on your way to getting financially fit in 31 days. It’s never too late to start!

Reliabank 31 Day Financial Fitness Challenge
Reliabank 31 Day Financial Fitness Challenge

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