Many people tend to think a foreign accent is more interesting than the way they speak, because we tend to value things that are less common. Some people associate a British accent with someone being more intelligent, more sophisticated and in a poll of 11,000 people in 24 cities, a British accent was reported to be the “most attractive” accent, followed closely by American and Irish accents. So being the high achievers that we are here on KELOLAND Living, we decided to have a little fun with our next guest.

Dr. Graham Wrightson is an Associate Professor of History at South Dakota State University.

With the production of My Fair Lady taking the stage at the Washington Pavilion this weekend, he’s taking on the Henry Higgins-esque role of teaching us about British accents.

Event details:

Professor Wrightson’s talk: “In Hertford, Hereford and Hampshire:” Reflections on British accents and dialects in My Fair Lady takes place on March 11 at 6.15pm to accompany the showing of My Fair Lady

Upcoming Agenda: Many Faces of War VIII – War and Peace

Hybrid conference – South Dakota State University, Sioux Falls, SD

Thursday March 9thMeeting Room B, Downtown Library Sioux Falls

2.30-3.45 – Rome

Inexpensive Intimidation: The Successful Mission of Octavius to Antioch in 163 BCE

Ara Pacis


4.00-6.00 – Late Rome

War and Peace in the Roman Conquest of Nabataea

The Rise and Fall of the Vandal Kingdom in North Africa: A Maritime Approach to Analyzing the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Basil the Bulgar Slayer reconsidered


Friday March 10th Conference Room, Downtown Library Sioux Falls (until 5pm)

9.15-10.30 – Pyrrhus

Pyrrhus imprint on Hannibal

War and triumph: Pocola related to the Pyrrhic war (280-275 BCE),


10.45-12.00 – War and myth

“Jumping from the cliff(s) during times of war: the case of Aglauros”

The behavior of soldiers that deviates from the myths of the war experience or archetypes of Homeric warriors


1.00-2.45 – Colonialism, and military intervention

The Sun Never Sets: How Trade and Defense Resurrected Empires

The Literature of Intervention: U.S. Participation in the Second World War

President Lyndon Johnson and the Dynamics of Military Intervention in the Dominican Republic, 1965


3.00-5.00 – War and peace in conquest empires

From Mount U’uash to Til-Tuba: Combined Arms Warfare in the Neo-Assyrian Empire

“Greek hegemony”

“Alexander the Great: Merchant of Greek Culture”

Command hierarchy in the army of Alexander


(in person move locations to Full Circle Book Coop)

5.30-7.15pm – The era of WWII

The Bonds of War: Examining the Rise of Place Based Veterans Groups in Nebraska, 1880-1940

“The End of the American Empire in the Southern Philippines: The Fall of Mindanao in May 1942”

The role of Australian services in the Ethiopian campaign


Saturday 11 – Meeting Room B, Downtown Library Sioux Falls

9.15-12.00 – Modern reflections on War and Peace

Cold War Redux: Putinism and the Return of History

The Empires Strike Back: Ontological Security and Foreign Policy Making in the twenty-first century

India’s diabolical position on Ukraine, Russian Oil and Democracy

The Post-Cold War Evolution of the European Union’s Common Foreign and Security Policy: An Ontological Security and Neoclassical Realism Synthesis