We all need to feel loved and valued. Yet, for various reasons, many people are feeling lonely and disconnected. And as much as we may be connected to our technology, it can’t replace that sense of community and relationship that we all want.

Krysta Winter is the Clinical Director with Breakthrough Christian Counseling. She says many people are being affected by loss of purpose in their lives.

She joined KELOLAND Living’s Mitchell Olson today to tell us all more about how Breakthrough can help you live your life with purpose and thrive.

Breakthrough Christian Counseling now has expanded services to provide for ages 5 through adulthood. They have also recently expanded their team to offer a wide variety of expertise areas. You can find out more by going to their website breakthroughSFC.org or giving them a call at 605-275-2280. You can also find out more by scanning the QR code on the screen.